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The Hunter Law Firm, PLLC is a Mississippi-based law firm that prides itself on treating clients with respect and producing successful outcomes on their behalf. Our mission is to preserve the virtue of a traditional law office while also maintaining a commitment to innovating the role lawyers and law firms play in their clients' lives and communities. 


Our primary practice areas include accident and injury law, criminal defense, wills and estate planning, and other civil matters. We also assist clients with forming and managing their businesses, including filing the necessary legal documents, establishing their business identity and brand, and implementing business management practices. We also help clients remove (expunge) certain criminal convictions from their records that might hinder them from accomplishing their goals.


We provide clients with a unique experience designed to accommodate their busy schedules. We provide transparent and consistent communication with our clients. We discuss case assessment and litigation strategies, make recommendations, and provide insight into every step of the legal process. Our clients are also given access to a personalized client portal where they can communicate directly with us without interrupting their daily routine. 

Lastly, we believe legal services should be convenient, affordable, and easily accessible for everyone. Whether you want full representation or a little help along the way, we provide customizable legal services that directly address the issue you are facing.

If you would like any information on how we can help you or a family member, contact us today!

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