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Criminal Defense

No criminal defense lawyer can promise you an acquittal or a favorable plea bargain; making such guarantees would be unethical and unfair to anyone facing criminal charges. Prosecuting attorneys such as district attorneys and federal prosecutors often have enormous advantages over defendants simply because of how the legal system is designed. Many of those accused of crimes lack the resources to hire competent legal representation – and because of the leverage prosecutors inherently possess, many people accept plea deals because they believe they have no other options.

It is important to remember that navigating the criminal justice system on your own puts you at the mercy of prosecutors and judges who are often focused on getting a conviction. Our defense attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and helping you secure a preferable outcome.

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

  • Drug Possession

  • Possession of Paraphernalia

  • Assault

  • Traffic Violations

  • CDL Traffic Defense

  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Most people are not aware of their rights when it comes to

criminal matters and they often jeopardize them when they

are involved in formal legal proceedings. It is critical

that you or a family member retain adequate legal counsel at

the earliest stages of criminal proceedings.


Call us today if you have any questions about a criminal issue.

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